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One of the primary services a metal detecting club can offer to its members is the provision of sites on which they can carry out their hobby. To this end several club members, act as Site(s) Officers. During the detecting season ie. August until March, they will organise numerous one day rallies upon which club members and sometimes other club members will be invited. Normally a small fee of approx £10-£15 will be requested from each attending member. This will be passed on to the farmer/landowner normally or handed over to a charity of their choice.

Of course, many individual club members have their own private sites. Somewhere close to home, where they can pop out for an hours detecting on a summer evening or a Saturday afternoon. A local farmer or landowner, maybe, who has been approached on a personal level and convinced of the integrity and honesty of the detector user.

It is very seldom that those who grant detecting rights on their land wish to retain any of the coins and artefacts recovered from it, but there is no doubt that they are always interested in seeing what is found. For this reason it is always good policy to encourage club members to show their finds before leaving a site. Where sufficient interesting material is recovered, the presentation to the landowner of a small display case of finds can do nought but cement good relationships.

To protect the interests of all landowners who grant detecting rights, this club has Public Liability via the N.C.M.D to a value of £10 Million. Further protection is offered by strict adherance to 'The Country Code' which is embodied within the even more demanding thoughtful Detector users Code of Conduct.

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