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Metal Detecting clubs, like model boat clubs, bridge clubs, angling clubs, and other such organisations, gain members from a wide variety of backgrounds and age groups. Often, the only binding influence being a common interest in the hobby. It is of primary importance, therefore, that the main aims and functions of any metal detecting club should be directed towards that common interest.

a) To educate its members in the technical skills of metal detecting:-

How to get the best results from one's detector.

How to extract finds from beach, pasture, or ploughed field leaving minimal trace.

How to recognise, classify, clean and restore finds.

How to plot and record, in a detailed manner, finds of an historic or archaeological nature.

How best to display finds to good effect.

b) To encourage its members to promote a good image of the hobby by upholding its strict Code of Conduct. It is current national policy to encourage all detector owners to become members of recognised clubs, in order that the reputation of the hobby is not harmed through ignorance.

c) To be a source of information to its members. Primarily, by providing a programme of guest speakers at club meetings:- Technical Experts, Landowners, Historians and Archaeologists, Bomb Disposal Squad, and Legal Experts. Also, by providing a library of hobby associated books, maps, and journals. The club Newsletter is a vehicle which ensures that local and immediate topics are detailed for its readers.

d) To give instruction on how to research potential sites. And, on how to gain entry permission for those sites.

e) To negotiate for club sites with farmers, private estate owners, and public bodies.

f) To protect the interests of both site owners and club members by providing Public Liability Insurance cover of £10 million.

The above aims to provide a raison d'etre for the club; an emphasis of the common interest. They are not, however, the sum total of its activities.....


Factory workers, schoolteachers, schoolchildren, housewives, retired policemen, shopkeepers, engineers........ you name them, and we've got them as club members. The hobby appeals to just about the widest cross section of ages and backgrounds imaginable. And, each one has some fresh experience or viewpoint to offer to the rest. The monthly club meetings, which are both business and social occasions, are held at the St Basil's Parish Centre on Hough Green Rd, Widnes WA8 4SZ on the first Wednesday of every month from 8pm until 10.30pm and later. While husbands and boyfriends talk of sites and finds, the wives, sweethearts, and paramours can discuss the various demerits of their respective partners, Ritual bloodlettings frequently follow.