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Welcome to the South Lancashire and Cheshire Metal Detecting Club's Web site. Our Club (The SLC) holds a Club Members meeting first Wednesday of each month at...

St Basil's Parish Centre on Hough Green Rd, Widnes WA8 4SZ

The SLC Club is reputed to be one of the oldest and one of the more successful Detecting Clubs in the UK. We are probably one of the largest clubs too.

Founded in the autumn of 1978, by Brian Cross, the Club has grown steadily, and is now able to provide its members with a wide range of benefits expected of a successful club. Club meetings are an essential part of club life, and it is during these meetings members are kept up-to-date on all facets of club life, including what is happening within the hobby at a national level.

An issue of paramount importance to the SLC is Charity fundraising and during its long existence we have raised literally thousands of pounds for various Charitable causes. We would like to urge any prospective fundraisers who are able to supply land or know of any farmers or landowners who are willing to open up land to the club in order to raise funds for whatever cause, to get in touch with the SLC or pop along to a meeting and we can then discuss details on a more friendly social level.

The Club Meetings start shortly after 8pm and can finish sometimes after 11pm.

Wherever possible the club will try to obtain permission from farmers and landowners to have access to land, enabling all of us to enjoy a days detecting on a new site. Details of these rallies are announced during the club meetings, and under strict supervision on the Members Only Forum and these rallies allow the less experienced members to detect alongside the more experienced, thus helping them to become more successful with their machines.

You can navigate around the site from the menu on the left. We hope you enjoy your visit here and please feel free to contact the club with any general questions relating to the SLC Club by clicking the “Need Help” blue button on the left.

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