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Code Of Conduct

  • Do not trespass, always ask permission before venturing on to any private land.
  • Respect the Country Code. Do not leave gates open when crossing fields, and do not damage crops or frighten animals.
  • Do not leave a mess. It is perfectly simple to extract a coin or other small object buried a few inches under the ground without digging a great hole. Use a sharpened trowel or knife to cut a neat flap or plug, extract the object; replace the soil and grass carefully and even you will have difficulty in finding the spot again.
  • Help to keep Britain tidy - and help yourself. Bottle tops, silver paper and tin cans are the last things you should throw away.
  • Do yourself and the community a favour by taking the rusty iron and junk you find to the nearest litter bin.
  • If you discover any live ammunition or any lethal object such as an unexploded bomb or mine, do not touch it. Mark the site carefully and report the find to the local police and landowner.
  • Report all unusual historical finds to the landowner.
  • Familiarise yourself with the law relating to archaeological sites. Remember it is illegal for anyone to use a metal detector in a protected place unless permission has been obtained from the appropriate Secretary of State or designated Authority. A protected place is defined in the Ancient Monuments and Archaeological Areas Act 1979.
  • Acquaint yourself with the definitions of Treasure contained in the Treasure Act 1996 and its' associated Code of Practice, making sure you understand your responsibilities if you find Treasure.
  • Also acquaint yourself with the definition and practice of Treasure Trove and the special circumstances in which it will now be applied.
  • Remember that when you are out with your metal detector, you are an ambassador for our hobby. Do nothing that may give it a bad name.
  • Never miss an opportunity to show and explain your detector to anyone who asks about it. Be friendly. You could pick up some useful clues to another site. If you meet another detector user, introduce yourself. You may learn much about the hobby from each other.